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Somic 424 One Case Packer for ALL Case Styles

Ready for Shelf Ready, Retail Ready, Two Piece Designs and Wrap Around all on one single compact machine.  

Want to accommodate customers requiring wrap around non-shelf ready packaging, but also fulfill requirements of new customers demanding shelf ready? 

The Somic 424 is the case packer for you!  

It can easily switch from Tray Only to Tray with Hood (Shelf / Retail Ready) to Full Wrap Around in minutes with an easy format change. The Somic 424 combines over 30 years of innovation, experience, customer feedback and technology.


One Piece Packaging Styles easily replace RSC style containers and provide more shipping protection due to the major and minor flaps being positioned on the side of the case, providing multiple layers of corrugated for stacking strength.  One piece could also be a tray only, to pass onto a shrink bundler or club store pallet.  

Somic One Piece Wrap Around Concepts


Multi-Part Packaging Styles are taking off in the US.  The guaranteed high quality shelf presence (no more perforation or zipper failures crating an unsightly tray) and ease of stocking due to the shelf / retail ready designs are gaining the attention of major retailers in the USA.  Somic has been producing machines for multi-part packaging for over 10 years for the European market.


Flexibility is the most important feature that sets this case packaging system apart. It can handle the widest variety of product types from pouches, cups, cans, dishes, jars, bottles, tubes or wrapping packages, and even cartons and blister packages. Each individual pack can weigh anything from several ounces to several pounds. It is unlikely to ever use only one size of packaging or one shape of case packing! The new Somic 424 provides the ability to manufacture trays, shelf ready packaging, displays with inside or outside covers as well as wrap-around or folding boxes. The format change is a simple, tool-less, repeatable and quick procedure.

Strong trend towards small packing units - portion-sized packs for milk, tea, coffee and sugar to name a few - the performance requirements have expanded rapidly. As a result, the SOMIC 424 series has been designed to accommodate infeed rates of up to 1000 products per minute, producing up to 100 finished cases, trays, or cartons per minute.

To achieve these ambitious targets; namely increased flexibility, higher performance, easier operation and better accessibility, more was required than simply a few improvements to details. The whole machine was fundamentally redesigned until individual tests delivered the required results. Customer feedback and discussions with expert-groups created the future-proof software part of the machine and demonstrated its central role in modern, mechatronic engineering. The new generation Somic 424 applied much of this knowledge. Traditional mechanical modules and assemblies were replaced with mechatronic, software-controlled function blocks. The definite functionality embodied in these machines is designed so that the mechanics, electronics and software create an inseparable physical and functional unit. The drive and control technology is plugged locally into each of these function units. This allows special, customized function blocks to be tested extensively in advance independent of all of the machine's standard modules and without any of the normal time pressures.

The new generation Somic packing machine is immediately recognizable. The four corner pillars in "Somic Red" and their surprising compact design identifies every Somic machine from far away as a Somic. The interior, which is fully enclosed by the frame, is not interrupted by any pillars or supports in order to ensure an unrestricted view over the packaging process and easy access, should this be required. A further benefit is that function units can be placed anywhere, a recognized advantage of Somic, allowing laterally-reversed engineering or adjustments to transport directions without effort.

A movable Graphical Interface touch panel with a 15" screen allows the operator to work from any of three sides of the machine. Self-explanatory symbols and images have replaced long text to aid user-friendliness. The switch cabinet, which now only takes up half the space due to the local positioning of controllers, can be fixed to the machine frame or positioned anywhere as required.

The new generation of Somic 424 machines combines the benefits of a tried and trusted solution with decades of experience and is Somic's answer to modern, future-proof solutions.


- Up to 1000 products per minute
- Standing or laying product
- Narrow side or broad side leading

Collating and Grouping:

- Single or multi-row
- Single or multi-layer
- Multiple collation and grouping options

Product Handling:  

- Pick & Place
- Rotating and swivel devices
- Gripper heads 
- Pushers
- Always maintain positive control


- Positive blank transport
- Blank folding and gluing always on one level
- Controlled closing for accurate alignment
- Adjustable glue patterns for each format

Additional features:

- Highly accessible
- Ergonomic 40" magazine height
- Simple graphical touch panel operation 
- Fast tool less format changeover
- Fixed format adjustments
- CE protective devices
- Frameless Macrolon doors
- Electronic Glue Heads
- Category 3 Safety
- Fully Servo Drive Elau iSH Technology




Available options:

- Right or left hand operation
- Blank magazine length up to 2m (79 in.)
- Remote maintenance
- Specific customer  requirements

Technical data:

Capacity and format range
Infeed capacity:
up to 1000 products/min
Case capacity: up to 25 cases/min. in Single mode up to 100 cases/min. in Quad mode
Case format range: min. l = 100 mm (3.9 in.)
min. w = 80 mm (3.2 in.)
min. h = 20 mm (0.8 in.)
max. l = 400 mm (15.8 in.)
max. w = 300 mm (11.8 in.)
max. h = 250 mm (9.8 in.)
Blank dimensions:
max. l = 700 mm (27.6 in.)
max. w = 850 mm (33.5 in.)

 Higher capacities and special case dimensions on request!