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Somic End Packaging

For many years now, SOMIC has been developing and building packaging machines for food, confectionery and pharmaceutical products. Our experience, garnered from countless innovative applications justifies our expertise. Right from the outset, customer requirements have been at the centre of our endeavours. The best possible solution for their packaging jobs was and still is the result of a joint assessment and selection process.

Whats more, the SOMIC building blocks provide a broad range of standard assemblies, modules and special applications. Mechanics, electronics and software have always been part of the whole. Our engineers set benchmarks in the advanced development of servo-based automation in packaging technology.

Our thoughts and our actions focus on quality and the future. The employees and management team of our independent, family-run company create the inspiration for the diversity of tasks and the pleasure in the ever-emerging technical marvels.

We at SOMIC are never satisfied until the products run cleanly into the packaging machine and the finished carton, accurately folded and securely glued, comes out - all components running like clockwork in the process. Thats when our customers are satisfied too.

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