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BSA Non-Food Applications

Illig Automatic blister sealing machine BSA 37

BSA 37 - exclusively developed for NON-FOOD packaging. Besides featuring conventional production safety this is machine is suitable for the production of different packaging solutions. The customer benefits from shortest conversion times as well as flexible equipment.

Thanks to the modular construction of the machine requirements can be precisely met by using different equipment combinations. All working stations are very flexible, so frequent format and tool changes can be carried out quickly and smoothly.

Product-relevant machine sections of quick-change devices were carefully designed. Contact heaters, forming tool and punching tool, for example, are equipped with quick-acting closures.The so far time consuming setting procedure was facilitated by implementing a central setting of the material guides to the correct material width. The format-dependent supports of the material band within the filling range were newly designed and thus can be changed very easily. As a whole, all measures result in less downtimes and thus higher productivity.


In addition, there is a high availability due to the use of electric and servo-motor drives.Operating speeds of up to 22 cycles/min are possible in combination with the electro-mechanical table drives of forming, sealing and punching station. Depending on pack size, outputs of up to 10.500 packs/h can be achieved.


The consistent use of control and Profibus systems ensures smooth retrofitting of additional equipment or interlinkage with product feed systems. End packers or other downstream equipment can be interlinked using the available interfaces. Up to 40 program data sets can be stored in the control system, so all machine parameters are available right away for changes of product or sizing parts.

Free access is provided to all stations thanks to the operator-friendly guarding, thus facilitating machine maintenance. All stations are installed in self-supporting stands with integrated cable ducts and separate control cabinets. Installation of additional units is possible, such as card loader, product control and product feed devices. Compact pneumatic valve terminals are used for pneumatic control.

Benefits of BSA 37

Thermoforming unit

  • cast-in heaters for optimum temperature profile
  • modular moving mechanism for contact heating plates with quick-adjustment for adaptation to index length
  • servo-driven pre-stretcher
  • forming device for positive forming pressure forming with quick-change device

Sealing unit

  • OP 370T operating panel with function to switch languages and storage of 40 production programs
  • print mark registration unit for processing pre-printed materials
  • automatic positioning of pre-printed materials by stretching device or variable index length
  • sealing station motor driven
  • indexing by servo motor, index length can be digitally set
  • quick-change of sealing electrodes


Punching unit

  • electro-mechanically driven punching station, available as 2 or 4 pillar punch press, suitable for trim-in-place tools
  • cooling plate, indexing, in front of punching station
  • motor-driven discharging conveyor for packs
  • automatic positioning of sealing and punching station


ILLIG BSA 37 - the machine for flexible pack design

Grouping of so called "family structures" makes this machine still more efficient. Basic measurements, i.e. sealing and punching dimensions, are maintained. Only forming segments are changed for different blister designs

Possible packaging variants:

Full-area plastics blisters with sealed-on card

One example are toothbrush packs made of thermoformed plastics (A-PET, PVC, etc.). Products are loaded in the filling section. Subsequently a card is put into the blister. The card is fixed on the material band by punctual pre-sealing. In a further step the pack is completely closed in the sealing station. The contour cut is performed in the punching station. The finished packs are discharged by conveyor or fed to an end packer.

All-plastics blisters with insert card
Alternatively, individual insert cards can be put into the blisters after products have been loaded. Then the pack is sealed with transparent roll-fed plastics lid material.

All conventional container materials suitable for thermoforming can be processed on this machine, including PP, if the machine is equipped accordingly. Lids can be made of card blanks or roll materials, such as paper, aluminium or plastics which makes this machine also interesting for customers where types of products to be packed and amounts are frequently changing.

All-plastics blisters with roll-fed lid materials

After filling, these packs are sealed using:

  • pre-printed blister paper suitable for hot-sealing and positioned by an indexing control device
  • transparent or pre-printed plastics material
  • unprinted or pre-printed aluminum
  • pre-printed multi-layer materials

All-plastics blisters with insert brochure and insert card
A description, advertisement or an operating manual can be put into the blister before product loading. A second card loader is required to do that. Subsequently the packs are closed and punched.


Automatic product feed

One example is a feeding device for toothbrushes where customer components were combined with our devices to form a high-performance system. Up to 9 700 toothbrushes can be packed on this machine per hour. This is one out of many examples showing the optimized, efficient operating method of the BSA 37.


Technical data:


Technical data BSA 37

Forming Station

Forming Area max 309-358 mm
Feed Length max 310 mm
Feed Length min 150 mm
Depth of Draw
Material Width
Material Width min 180 mm
Material Thickness
Material Thickness
Forming Method
Positive Pressure Forming


Sealing Station

Sealing Force



Punching Station

Punching Force



Complete Machine

Cycle Speed
Total Connection Load


Total Air Consumption

(without forming) per cycle

Operational Air Pressure

Reel Diameter, Cup Material

Reel Diameter, Lid Material

Material Level Above Ground
Total Width of Machine
Total Length, incl roll stand
Total Height
Total Weight