About Illig Thermoforming

Illig is one of the leading manufacturers of machinery and tooling for both thermoforming and for packaging technology today. At the time the company was founded, 1946, and when the first vacuum forming machine was built, 1956, nobody anticipated that the forming of thermoplastic materials was to be applied in so many fields of industry.

Based on customer requirements, ILLIG manufactures technically sophisticated and economical production systems, 70% of these for delivery outside Germany. The main priority of all developments is the continuing use of thermoforming and the expansion of its applications. The establishment and maintenance of a long-term client base by a future-oriented and clearly defined company policy determines the decisions of two generations of the ILLIG family and secures the jobs of our long serving and skilled employees. The basis for the continuing development of the company is guaranteed by maintaining traditional values, whilst at the same time ensuring the ability to adapt to change. This being in the best interest of both our customers and employees.

We continue to handle our market which spans more than 80 countries. Providing comprehensive information and training to both employees and customers results in the application of thermoforming in six product groups. This multitude of applications covers most industrial fields.

Illig stands not only for pioneering innovations, patents and inventions in detail. As a result of research in the field of thermoforming and close cooperation with customers future-oriented production systems are developed including manually loaded machines through to fully automatic state-of-the-art production lines. Concept and quality are the basis for maximum reliability. A smooth supply of spare parts and skilled service personnel ensure our customers obtain the maximum use from our production systems over decades.

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