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RB Rotary FFS

Pre-made pouch look, seal, and quality with the low cost and convenience of a form fill and seal machine.  HFFS Stand up pouches, 3 side and 4 side sealed pouches inline with a 30% savings over pre-formed pouches.

The RB series offers you the best of both worlds.  The pouch is formed in a linear method from roll stock.  After sealing the bottom (or top depending on loading) and sides, the pouch is cut, and placed onto a rotary turret, just like a pre-made pouch.  The RB machine can also be set up to use pre-made pouches, then converted over to roll stock at a later date!  Horizontal forming, filling and sealing machines with rotary Type HDG-RB especially designed for the production and filling of 3 and 4-side sealed pouches, double pouches, stand up pouches, bottom-folding pouches and contoured pouches with and without re-sealable systems. Even if changes need to be made between the different types of pouches, this is the right machine. The most diverse types of products can be packaged including powders, granulates, small-sized products, fluids, creams, tissues, pieced products and much more. Our horizontal packaging machines can produce, fill and seal pouches in the sizes 35mm x 40mm (WxH) to 400mm x 400mm (WxH). They run using up to four rows and reach an output of up to 360 pouches per minute. The HDG Memory Strip and Zipper are available for re-sealable systems.  A rate of 100+ pouches per minute is possible.

These machine types represent our Premium Line and optimally fulfil the requirements described above. They are implemented in places where the highest levels of productivity, packaging quality and flexibility are required.

The RB Series machines are constructed in a modular fashion. Many of the assembly units within the series have identical basic constructions and are specifically adapted on a project basis. In this way, we increase the production runs for the individual assembly units, which has a positive effect on price, production quality and interchangeability among the various subtypes.

In order to guarantee constant production availability, we use segmented rotary turret on most RB machines. This makes it possible to carry out format changes quickly. On some types, this technology has already been established as a standard.  This also applies to the film reel splicer, which makes it possible for the pouch machine to change film reels during system operation completely automatically.  Our machine frames are fabricated from solid aluminum.  Parallel sealing and optional ultrasonic sealing, along with electronic sealing pressure monitoring, complete the machine concept.  With an HDG RB Series machine, you can reach an application rate of up to 360-400 pouches/minute.  Stand up pouches are our specialty.

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