Strategic Partners

Interpak has partnered with outstanding European packaging machinery manufacturers, to provide our customers with the most reliable packaging systems available in the Global marketplace.  Each company has been designing and building  equipment for at least 25 years.  This longevity and experience in the market paves the way for outstanding performance, reliability, and ROI. Each company is highly regarded in their respective packaging field.  Our partener companies are within hours from each other, which allows for easy integration, combined design reviews and acceptance testing.

Interpak's partners design and build end packaging equipment for food, confectionery, pharmaceuticals, and technical products.  Tray forming, Display Packaging, Shelf Ready Packs, Pick & Place, and Case Packing.  Several different case styles and collations can be run on a single machine.  Machines with capacity of up to 40 cases per minute.

HDG specializes in Form/Fill/Seal Pouch forming equipment.  They offer Rotary, Linear, and Vertical pouch systems, as well as integrated dosing equipment.  They can also provide solutions to convert your operation from pre-made pouches to economical formed pouches.  HDG delivers machines up to 360 pouches per minute.

Illig is a world leader in thermoforming technology, they have been building vacuum forming machines since 1956.  Today they have a vast delivery program with installations in 80 countries worldwide.  Illigs specialty is Form/FIll/Seal Thermoforming equipment for packaging food, confectionary, pharmaceuticals, and technical products.


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